Three male students involved in the Japanese martial arts club at Osaka University of Commerce have been arrested for alleged physical abuse of a fellow club member, police said.

According to the Osaka Prefectural Police, both Hideto Yata, 21, a former captain of the martial arts club, and a 19-year-old former club member were arrested Sunday on charges of assault and coercion.

The third person arrested was former club member Naoya Inoue, 20, who was charged with assault and other violations, the police said.

All three have been suspended from the university indefinitely.

Police are also questioning two other club members — one 21 years old and the other 19.

The university's martial arts club was the runner-up in the men's group competition category at last year's All-Japan Intercollegiate Martial Art Championship.

Yata is suspected of instructing club members to inflict violence on the 19-year-old victim at a college facility between March 6 and 8.

The victim, a freshman at the time, had his face shoved in a bathtub and was head-butted, investigators said. He was also forced to remove all his clothing and chug down drinks, according to investigators, who noted that the alleged abusers also scribbled graffiti on the student's back and tried to burn his back with a lighter.

Yata has told police that the series of acts was to discipline the victim, who he described as rebellious. While Yata has admitted to the charges, the other suspects have partially denied involvement, the police said.

Osaka University of Commerce, a private university located in the city of Higashiosaka, released a statement saying it regrets the incidents and will work to ensure similar incidents don't occur.