54.6% want Abe to say sorry in war speech and half oppose SDF bills: poll


A majority of people surveyed think Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should express regret and apologize for Japan’s colonial rule and aggression when he marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, a Kyodo News poll found Sunday.

While 54.6 percent said those expressions should be part of Abe’s anniversary statement to be issued in August, 30.5 percent said otherwise, the telephone survey over the weekend showed.

On Abe’s bid to enact legislation allowing the Self-Defense Forces to play a greater security role overseas, 49.8 percent were opposed to him doing so during the Diet session ending in June, while 38.8 approved of it.

Opinions were divided on similar efforts to enable Japan to use collective self-defense, with 40.6 percent backing it and 45 percent opposed to such legislation.

Also, 77.9 percent said prior Diet approval should be required for the prime minister to deploy the SDF overseas in logistic support of foreign military forces.

Abe’s Cabinet approval rating edged up 1.2 percentage points from the previous survey seven weeks earlier to 55.4 percent.

The Cabinet’s disapproval rating was 32.7 percent, down 0.2 point.

Asked about a bill to raise the voting age to 20 from 18, 54.2 percent said they support it, while 41 percent are opposed.

The survey, conducted by Kyodo, made use of computers to randomly call 1,445 households across the country, and elicited valid answers from 1,016 eligible voters.

  • Liars N. Fools

    It is heartening to know that the majority of Japanese are far more caring and reasonable than Abe Shinzo. Let us hope that he will follow their lead.

  • Jerome Besson

    The conclusions drawn from the results of that Kyodo poll are the expression of the Japanese public’s disconnect from the clear and present dangers which their leadership is confronted to.

    The blame for this Japanese citizenry’s dereliction of their duty to mind the security of their nation must be apportioned to the deleterious influence of a left-leaning mainstream media that was born out of their retooling as means of propaganda in the hands of the occupier of seventy years ago.

    The US administration of FRD and his successor Harry Truman were bent on eradicating any connection to a pre-WWII Japan who had proved a major thorn in their thigh because of Japan’s weight as major player on the international scene as an outlier in the ever growing hegenonic streak of competing Caucasian powers.

    To the chagrin of both the British and their successor world power, the USA, Japan conducted a diplomacy that questioned the empire that those and other Caucasian power’s enjoyed over the Asia-Pacific region.

    And the former occupier turned ally is now reaping the fruits of the preposterous war guilt program it had put in place.

    As a younger and less predictable power is throwing its weight around in the region, a hegemon loosing its footing as the center of its own world order is seeking, through PM Abe, to mend the nearly irreparable damage it earlier caused to Japan’s spine.

    Too bad for the US and its staunchest ally in the area that the delusional but sovereign Japanese electorate still prefers burying its head in the sand-box of a dreamed up borderless, peace-hungry humanity.

  • tisho

    Well then those 54.6% should’ve voted somebody else as a PM. They should know that Abe is a revisionist who had already made several times revisionists remarks. Its pointless to ask this guy to apologize. it’s like asking hitler to apologize, its just not gonna happen, the best thing he can do is make yet another cunning statement that has two meanings – one for the domestic audience and one for the foreign non-japanese speaking audience, which he will most likely do, and thus the problem will remain.