Twelve people who had undergone laser eye surgery sued two Tokyo-based clinic operators Wednesday, saying the Lasik surgery left them with health problems such as dry eyes and eye strain.

The plaintiffs are seeking a total of ¥80 million in damages in the suit filed with the Tokyo District Court.

According to court papers, the plaintiffs are suffering from health damage as a result of their Lasik operations, a popular surgery used to correct vision for people with nearsightedness by reshaping the cornea.

One of the plaintiffs, Hitomi Terada, 60, told a news conference on Wednesday that she has suffered from consistent burning pain and has to apply a cooling pad every few minutes just to cope.

"I can't open my eyes like before and I have contemplated killing myself," she said. "I decided to file a suit so no more people will be victimized like me."

The plaintiffs underwent the procedure between 2006 and 2013. But they were not properly informed about the potential health risks beforehand, and the operations by the two operators in Tokyo did not follow safety guidelines set by the Japanese Ophthalmological Society, the plaintiffs claimed.

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs said they are considering adding more victims to the suit.

Medical Draft, one of the clinic operators named, said it cannot comment as it has not received court documents yet.