Sharp promises world’s first smartphone with 4K display


Sharp Corp. said it will develop by March 2017 an advanced smartphone panel capable of showing 4K high-quality videos using its power-saving Igzo LCD technology.

The smartphone will be the world’s first to offer 4K display, as current devices allow users to only record such ultrahigh definition videos, the company said Tuesday.

With the 4K technology, images display at four times the resolution of high definition.

The new panel, to be produced at Sharp’s Kameyama No. 2 plant in Mie Prefecture, will broaden the company’s panel lineup along with another 4K-capable product under development and based on low-temperature polysilicon LCD technology.

Sharp aims to lift its profitability despite fierce price competition in the display panel market by offing a variety of new technologies, Senior Executive Managing Officer Norikazu Hoshi said at a news conference in Osaka.