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Yokohama court rules deportation order for Colombian is illegal


The Yokohama District Court has ruled against a deportation order for a 21-year-old Colombian man who entered Japan illegally at the age of 10 along with his mother in 2003.

“The man has settled in Japan and could face serious disadvantage if sent back to Colombia,” where he has no relatives to rely on, presiding Judge Hiroshi Ishii said in the ruling dated Wednesday, adding the government’s decision to deport him is “illegal” considering his situation.

The man, who resides in Kanagawa Prefecture, entered Japan using a forged passport prepared by a Peruvian man at the request of the Colombian man’s father, who had illegally entered Japan in 1997.

The Colombian man was arrested in June 2013 for alleged violation of the immigration control and refugee recognition law and received the deportation order two months later.

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