Artist Yoko Ono on Wednesday urged youngsters gathered at a peace event in Hiroshima to help teach the world about the experiences of the city that was devastated by a U.S. atomic bomb on Aug. 6, 1945.

The 81-year-old widow of John Lennon told roughly 300 participants: " 'No more Hiroshima' is a global issue. I want you to spread the experiences of Hiroshima to the world as much as possible."

The event was planned by college students in Hiroshima Prefecture who believe it is young generations' responsibility to build a peaceful world by inheriting their forebears' experiences, according to organizers.

Terue Toda, 82, a survivor of the atomic bombing, lamented the current situation, saying at the event that "many people seem to be forgetting" the A-bomb attack.

Nao Fukuoka, a 21-year-old Hiroshima University student whose grandfather lived through the bombing, said: "My roots are in Hiroshima. I can empathize with sad incidents taking place all over the world."

Fukuoka has taken part in a voyage across the globe with A-bomb victims.