Underworld suspect kills self in clinic amid standoff


A 52-year-old former mobster fatally shot himself Wednesday after a four-hour standoff with police at a clinic in Okayama Prefecture, police said Thursday.

Susumu Yoshioka had been served an arrest warrant for alleged violations of the Law on Punishment of Organized Crime and Control of Crime Proceeds before he shot himself in the temple as police entered the room where he was holed up at the Fukui Iin clinic in Mimasaka, on Wednesday.

Yoshiok had been accused of illegally receiving ¥100,000 as a “courtesy fee” from the owner of a massage parlor. Police said he agreed to come in for voluntary questioning and opened a locker in his hospital room, apparently pretending to pick up his bag. Instead he removed a gun from the locker and purportedly told police, “I’ll kill myself if you arrest me.”

He shut himself in the room for four hours, and shot himself at around 1 p.m., despite police attempts to dissuade him, investigators said.

The clinic had 60 patients at the time of the incident, but they were safely evacuated from the facility, police said.