Cases of violence by train passengers against railway workers totaled 760 in fiscal 2013, down by 68 from the previous year, according to the latest tally by an industry group.

In a report released Monday, the Association of Japanese Private Railways said 29 railway firms, including the JR group and major private railways, contributed to the tally. The industry body said the number of violent cases decreased although three more railways joined the survey since fiscal 2012.

Still, cases stand out in which drunk passengers turn violent against railway workers late at night, despite the group's efforts to raise public awareness that violence against railway workers is a crime.

Among the 760 cases, 434, or 57 percent, involved alcohol, the report said. A total of 296, or 39 percent, took place after 10 p.m., with 260 cases, or 34 percent, on Fridays and Saturdays.

Regarding what kinds of poeple resorted to violence, men in their 60s formed the largest segment, with 178 cases, or 23 percent, it said. Next came men in their 50s (152 cases, 20 percent), followed by men in their 30s (141 cases, 19 percent). Women were rarely involved in cases of violence.

Troubles took place at mainly ticket gates, the report said.