Police take aim at website scams


In response to a recent rise in Internet fraud, police will hand over information on fake websites offering counterfeit luxury brand products to computer security and content-filtering companies, Tokyo police said Thursday.

The information will be used to create anti-virus and other programs that provide warnings to Internet users to prevent them from accessing fake sites and becoming victims of fraud.

The police will start sending the information, including URLs and names of fake websites, to 10 companies, including Kaspersky Lab, Symantec Corp., McAfee Inc. and Canon IT Solutions Inc., starting Tuesday.

The information to be handed over to anti-virus companies will be limited to websites located on overseas servers, which are considered the most difficult to investigate. Other cases involving fraud using websites that are hosted on Japanese servers will be subject to investigation with the aim of identifying suspects, the police said.

There were 29,113 cases reported to police in 2012 related to Internet fraud and other fraudulent business practices. The number in the first half of 2013 numbered 15,615. These cases did not include reports regarding Internet auction fraud.

The Osaka Prefectural Police have provided such information since March. By November it had sent the addresses of 1,798 fake websites, including those provided by Tokyo police and police stations in 14 prefectures, to anti-virus companies.

The Tokyo police said they will compile information regarding websites selling fake brand name items gathered by other police forces, the Consumer Affairs Agency and brand makers, and will continue to hand that to anti-virus companies.

‘Revenge por n’ targeted

The Liberal Democratic Party plans to take on “revenge porn,” a form of stalking in which people spread nude images online of their former romantic interests, party lawmakers said.

In the Diet session to begin next month, the ruling party will aim to legislate steps to punish perpetrators after studying similar measures in other countries, the lawmakers said.

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