Haven't heard a peep out of tweet-happy governor since funds scandal broke


A formerly avid user of Twitter, Tokyo Gov. Naoki Inose has gone silent on the microblogging service since it came to light last month that he received a ¥50 million loan from scandal-hit hospital group Tokushukai.

Inose has admitted receiving money for personal use before being elected governor in December 2012.

Inose started tweeting in March 2010, while serving as deputy governor under then-Gov. Shintaro Ishihara. His almost daily messages ranged from updates on his professional duties to personal topics.

“Sept. 7, 2013, will hold a special place in the pages of history; thank you all for your support,” reads a message posted soon after Tokyo won the bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

On occasion, he has been criticized for going too far in the eyes of some.

For example, one comment, posted in July 2012 and later deleted, read: “If you are against having the Olympics in Tokyo, you can stay socially withdrawn.”

His last tweet, on Nov. 22, regarding an emergency drill scheduled for Tokyo the following day, was also the day his money scandal broke.

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