New Tokyo stadium for 2020 Olympics could cost up to ¥300 billion


Construction of Tokyo’s new National Stadium for the 2020 Summer Olympics could cost up to ¥300 billion, Olympics minister Hakubun Shimomura said Wednesday.

Speaking at the House of Councilors Budget Committee, Shimomura said the government will consider scaling back the project because the estimated amount is “too massive.”

The original plan called for the National Stadium, built in 1958 for the 1964 Summer Olympics with a capacity of 54,000, to be demolished and replaced with an 80,000-seat stadium complete with a retractable roof.

The envisaged cost includes ¥130 billion for work on the building itself, but Shimomura warned that fully realizing the streamlined design by London-based architect Zaha Hadid selected late last year could drive the cost up further.

Shimomura said he wants to focus on reducing the costs of work on the stadium’s environs.
The government is aiming to have the work completed by March 2019 in time for the Rugby World Cup that Japan will host in September and October of that year.

The stadium is unfit to host the events of the 2020 Games in its present condition.

Shimomura heads an office set up early this month to coordinate preparations for the Olympics.

  • Jeffrey

    Why don’t they do the sensible thing and refurbish the existing stadium in Yoyogi? The Los Angeles Coliseum, built for the 1932 Summer Games, has gone through multiple upgrades over the years, serving as the home stadium for the LA Rams and the UCLA and USC football teams as well as being used again for the Summer Games in 1980.

    They could rehab and expand the existing stadium for a lot less than the price of a new one. Track and field and rugby are both non-starters in the whole of Asia, so it’s not like a new stadium (replacing an existing stadium) is going to be a boon for either sport. The estimates for foreign visitors for the games are wildly exaggerated so the need for a stadium seating an additional 26,000 is non-existent.

  • tokyo hamster

    Why don’t they take some of this money and put it into controlling the Fukushima problem?