Aeon turns to Kanda Gaigo for language help to aid expansion


Supermarket chain Aeon Co. says it will tie up with the Kanda Gaigo Group, the umbrella body for Kanda University of International Studies and other language education units, to help employees learn Asian languages and speed its business expansion.

Aeon is keen on bolstering linguistic skills and knowledge of its employees so they can play a core role in carrying out its plan to expand in Asian markets, the company said Tuesday.

In addition, Aeon will secure the group’s cooperation in educating people it will hire from Asian countries with an eye to letting them work at Aeon’s head office in Chiba and promoting them to managerial posts in the future, it said.

Aeon will encourage students studying at the university and the group’s other educational institutions to take internship courses at Aeon, while helping them find jobs at the Aeon group.

It will organize free courses concerning retail and distribution businesses for students at the Kanda Gaigo group’s educational institutions.

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