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IKEA to recall teacups over shatter risks


The Japanese arm of Swedish furniture giant IKEA said Thursday it will voluntarily recall its LYDA jumbo tea cups due to fears they will crack when hot water is poured into them.

IKEA Japan K.K. said it will give a full refund to customers who bring in the teacups, which were reported worldwide as unexpectedly breaking and causing burn injuries.

So far, there have been 20 reported cases of the cups suddenly breaking, with 10 cases resulting in consumers suffering burns. In Japan, there was one report of a teacup breaking in November but no one was injured.

The cups, measuring about 11 cm high and weighing about 500 grams, were manufactured in Thailand, according to IKEA Japan.

From August to last month, 1,393 LYDA teacups were sold in Japan, at ¥449 per piece. Global sales, including those in Japan, totaled about 220,000 units.

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