Workers hold May Day rally seeking higher pay, stability


An estimated 21,000 workers gathered at a Tokyo park for a May Day demonstration Wednesday, calling for higher pay, stable employment and an end to nuclear power.

“Pay raises will help Japan get out of deflation,” said Sakuji Daikoku, chairman of the National Confederation of Trade Unions, in opening remarks at the 84th annual event hosted by the group known as Zenroren.

“People are seeking a society that takes regular employment for granted to secure stable employment,” he said in his address at Yoyogi Park.

Kazuhiko Wakabayashi represented the Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes, which has held an antinuclear rally in front of the prime minister’s office every Friday.

“Let’s keep fighting for an end to nuclear power generation,” Wakabayashi said.

From the Japanese Communist Party, Tadayoshi Ichida, head of its secretariat, attended in place of party leader Kazuo Shii.

Similar events were held across Japan, including in Hibiya Park in Tokyo.

  • I am surprised that nobody will comment. There has been a movement for the past 20 years for the govt. and corporations to have less or no responsibllity of workers rights, much less promotion or a living wage. I support these workers who work under the guise of a “free and equalitarian” society where no such thing exists. The world has to wake up to the real situation facing Japan and not the thing they imagine. Abenomics is flawed in so many ways and is leading to massive destruction and malfunction in the financial system in Japan. I don`t want to tell you, BUT, in advance, I TOLD YOU SO.