For me karaoke is a really bad date. I mean who wants to hear the excruciatingly awful vocal stylings of your new beau, or indeed subject them to your own caterwauling. That’s why Konami’s version of the karaoke date ticks all the right boxes: your virtual reality partner sounds great, has a bunch of cute dance moves and won’t complain if you join in enthusiastically, even if you’re totally off key.

Karoke Date With Your Girl!” is the latest Love Plus spin-off project to capitalize on the runaway success of the virtual dating DS game. A collaboration between Konami and karaoke machine manufacturers Joysound, the Love Plus songs were launched on the Crosso karaoke machine on Nov. 19.  There are three songs to chose from, each featuring a different Love Plus character who is shown singing and dancing along to the music in front of a background that looks like the typical interior of a karaoke room. Manaka Takane sings “Lum no Love Song,” Rinko Kobayakawa does a rendition of “Sobakasu” and the popular Nene Anegasaki performs “MUGO·N . . .  Iroppoi.” If you’d like to check out the results have a gander at this YouTube video.

Not ones to miss a good merchandising opportunity, Konami has already announced the sale of “Uta Love Plus,” a limited edition CD of the girls singing popular songs, available online at KonamiStyle shopping site. You’ll also be able to download cute Love Plus chibi avatars to your phone over the coming months from Joysound’s website.

The games are bound to be popular with fans. Love Plus generated a lot of media attention  since its launch last year mainly due to the insane devotion among the game’s players that saw one guy marry his virtual girlfriend and others becoming so obsessed that their real life partners became jealous. Konami encouraged their ardor even more this summer by creating a real-life holiday experience for Love Plus players in Atami where suitors could get their photo taken on an iPhone alongside their digital date.

If fans are prepared to step out with their virtual girlfriends on a real holiday, enjoying some private time with them in a karaoke booth should be snap. Although you won’t be able to hold her hand or kiss, at least you won’t have to pay for her drinks.

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