Waseda admits sensitive info leak


A list containing information on at least 719 cases of Waseda University students and employees who sought consultation about sexual harassment and other sensitive concerns has been leaked on the Internet, the school said Tuesday.

The list includes the names and university status of students and workers who sought consultations from April 1999 to May 2007. Data on people they accused of acts including sexual harassment, “power harassment” and stalking were also leaked.

The information is believed to have been leaked in July after a consultant worker took the data home.

The contract worker e-mailed it to a friend to ask about creating a database, and the data apparently leaked through a file-exchange software on the friend’s computer, the university quoted the worker as saying.

“We must apologize to each person affected,” said Atsushi Murata of Waseda’s public relations department. Except for those who sought consultation anonymously, the leaked information probably covered several hundred university members, he said.