MOS Burger will start a big campaign Friday to try to win back customers who have drifted away in the increasingly competitive fast food industry.

MOS Food Services Inc. is introducing new ingredients for its hamburgers and for the first time, will offer discount coupons. The coupons mark a turning point for MOS, which has traditionally targeted the high-end market rather than competing for the lowest prices as is typical in the fast-food industry.

MOS also announced that it will start using a mixture of ground beef and pork in most of its meat patties, replacing the 100-percent Australian beef it has been using since 1997.

“The concept is to get back to our origins,” MOS President Atsushi Sakurada said.

When MOS Burger first opened in 1972, it was using a beef-pork patty, but switched to 100 percent beef 10 years ago, when using 100 percent beef patty became standard practice.

“Considering that we have seen a gradual but continuous drop in (customers) since 1997, one of the reasons might have been our patty,” Sakurada said, adding that using 100 percent beef made it harder for MOS to differentiate its product from the competition.

The number of customers at MOS has declined 5 percent over the past year, compared with McDonald’s, which has had an increase in customers and brisk sales.

MOS will also change its buns from whole wheat to white, which are softer. The MOS Burger and Teriyaki Burger — the chain’s two staple products — will get the new patties, buns and sauces.

Sakurada said the fast-food chain has decided to offer coupons because a recent survey found that the majority of the respondents, particularly women, said they would be repeat customers if there were coupons.

“I think we have to try new things,” he said. “The fact is that we are losing customers, and there must have been a growing gap between our way of doing things and what customers want.”

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