An advisory panel to the labor minister has recommended legal revisions to lift a ban on the dispatch of workers to manufacturing plants by manpower supply companies, ministry officials said.

The recommendation, made Friday by the subcommittee on employment security within the Labor Policy Council, calls for temporary help agencies to be allowed to send workers to plants for up to one year.

Three years after the ban is lifted, the maximum length of dispatch can be extended to three years, according to the recommendation.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will present the Diet with bills in early March to amend the relevant laws, such as the Worker Dispatch Law, and put the recommendation into practice as early as possible.

The subcommittee also proposed permitting manpower firms to send doctors and nurses to social welfare facilities.

The ministry plans to implement the proposal at the end of March by amending related ordinances.

Currently, temporary personnel services are banned from operating in the medical field.

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