The lottery association has announced it will start selling tickets for the highest prize-money lottery, Loto-Six, on Oct. 2.

It is Japan’s first lottery in which the remaining prize without a winner will be carried over to the next lottery, according to the association’s officials.

Although the amount of prizes may vary depending on the number of winners, the first prize is set at about 100 million yen, while the second prize is expected to be at 1.5 million yen and the third prize at 500,000 yen, the officials said.

The Loto-Six tickets will be sold through branches of Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank. The association will draw lots every Thursday.

With a bet of 200 yen, customers pick six numbers from 1 to 43 and mark them on their tickets. If all the numbers, regardless of the order, match the picked numbers from a lottery machine, the first prize will be awarded to the winner.

If five numbers match, the person will win second prize, they said.

If there is no winner, the prize can be carried over to the next lottery. However, based on the law, the maximum prize is set at 400 million yen for a carry-over.

The chance of winning the first prize is about one in 6.096 million, the officials said.