• Kyodo


Amerasians in Okinawa are hoping the Internet will help them find their fathers — former U.S. servicemen once stationed in the prefecture whom most have never met.

“We are not looking for money,” said Maria Tomiyama, 31, in the introduction to the Children of Peace Network’s Web site. “We are only hoping, from the bottom of our hearts, for the chance to meet you, our fathers, someday.

“We do not intend to dwell on the past. We would just like for you to accept our love,” said Tomiyama, who first met her American father when she was 17.

The site, containing text in Japanese and English, carries photos of six men believed to be members’ fathers. They are accompanied by personal details that are often sketchy, including the men’s names, military units, birthplaces and birth dates.

There are also messages from members of the network, based in Gushikawa in the prefecture, urging their fathers to contact them.

In all of the cases, the men returned to the United States or moved elsewhere in Asia. Often the mothers had to bring up the children alone.

“I have always had this picture of you hanging up in my room,” said one of the messages, sent by the daughter of a man known only as “James,” who was believed to have been born in Indiana around 1942.

“I only wish to somehow meet you. I hope you are well and happy wherever you are.”