• Kyodo


Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, under fire for using wartime terms reviving Japan’s militaristic past, has done it again.

In a speech to supporters in his native Ishikawa Prefecture on Saturday, Mori called for “jugo,” literally “behind the guns,” support.

The term was popularly used during World War II to encourage women to provide home-front support to soldiers fighting overseas by taking care of the children and giving Japan their backing in the war.

Mori, who was visiting the Sea of Japan coastal prefecture for the first time since assuming the prime ministership in April, told supporters in Kaga, “I may be scolded again if I use an old term, but I would like to ask you to kindly take care of the ‘jugo’ and protect this community.”

Mori explained that his busy campaign schedule for the June 25 Lower House election does not allow him to visit Ishikawa during the official 12-day campaign period, which starts Tuesday.

“I know it is difficult for young reporters to understand (the meaning of the term),” he said. “But we will be fighting on the front, so I want to ask you to take care of the jugo to protect this community (while I’m away).”