House of Representatives lawmakers who have just given up their seats will be paid 6.31 million yen Thursday in salary and bonuses — some 3.42 million yen of which was for the two days’ work before the chamber was dissolved — officials of its secretariat said Wednesday.

Of the nominal 500 members of the house, 499 who gave up their seats June 2 will receive the payment, which includes 2.89 million yen in summer bonus and 1.04 million yen as part of a winter bonus paid for work between last June 2 and Dec. 1.

The only exception will be the late Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi, who died May 14. The 3.42 million yen includes about 1.37 million yen in monthly salary for June and another 1 million yen in expenses for communication and transport, amounts calculated for 30 days even though the 499 worked as lawmakers for only two days this month.

The remaining 1.05 million yen is 30 percent of the winter bonus. Lawmakers are paid a percentage of the bonus if the Lower House is dissolved between June 2 and Nov. 15.

The 499 include Seiroku Kajiyama, a former chief Cabinet secretary, who died Tuesday. His family will receive the payment.