Domestic production by Japan’s five top automakers in 1998 dropped 8.9 percent from the previous year to 7,880,395 units, according to figures separately released by the firms Wednesday.

All five automakers suffered falls in domestic output mainly due to the plunge in domestic auto sales.

Total exports for the year also fell 1.3 percent from the previous year to 3,777,928 units, apparently due to the economic crisis that has struck much of Asia.

Toyota Motor Corp. maintained the top position with domestic production of 3,165,805 units, although this figure is 9.6 percent smaller than that of the previous year.

Nissan Motor Co. came in second with 1,551,813 units, down 10.1 percent, followed by Honda Motor Co. with 1,243,468 units, down 4.8 percent. Mitsubishi Motors Corps., which came in fourth, suffered the sharpest drop among the five, with a 12.8 percent fall to 1,081,130 units.

Mazda Motor Corp.’s domestic output was 838,179 units, down 3.5 percent, the slightest fall among the five.

As for exports, only Mazda and Nissan enjoyed an increase from the previous year; Mazda exported 555,717 vehicles, up 2.7 percent, and Nissan 705,730, up 2 percent.

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