A 26-year-old Chinese man was arrested in Yokohama for passing counterfeit 5,000-yen notes early this week, police said Friday.

According to police, Zhi Yu Lei used a bogus 5,000-yen bill when shopping at a confectionary in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, at around 7 p.m. Tuesday. As soon as the store owner determined the bill was fake, Zhi attempted to flee but was caught on a nearby street.

More than 550 bogus notes, along with crayons and cutters, were later confiscated from Zhi’s home in Minami Ward, Yokohama. Police believe Zhi passed 77 fake bills, which turned up in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba prefectures.

By using a printing machine available on the market, Zhi produced about 600 fake bills and passed 100 of them, police alleged, adding that he had been pressed for money since quitting his job at a restaurant.

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