After staying indoors during the cold winter months, things can start to feel a little stale. So, kicking 春 (haru, spring) off with an 大掃除 (ōsōji, big clean up) is a good way to refresh your surroundings and get your body moving after weeks of hiding under the blankets.

But an 大掃除 can be tough to take on alone, so if you want a hand, it’s good to know how to ask for help to make everything as 綺麗 (kirei, clean/pretty) as possible.

In fact, 綺麗 is a good place to start when it comes to vocabulary you’ll need to know, as alone it means “clean,” but combining it with にする (ni suru, to make into), as in 綺麗にする (kirei ni suru), is an easy way to say “to make clean.” From there, just conjugate the verb する (suru, to do) according to the situation: テーブルを綺麗にしましょう (tēburu o kirei ni shimashō, let’s clean up the table).