The beginning of the 学年 (gakunen, school year) is in April, but after a lengthy 夏休み (natsu yasumi, summer vacation) students return to 学校 (gakkō, school) in September for the 新学期 (shin-gakki, new school term).

This can be a particularly difficult time for some children, especially those who have endured いじめ (ijime, bullying) and 嫌がらせ (iyagarase, harassment) at school. Last year, Japan reported 514 suicides of 小中学生 (shōchūgakusei, elementary and junior high school students) and 高校生 (kōkōsei, high schoolers) — the largest number since record-keeping began in 1980.

The summer can offer respite for some students who are being bullied or harassed, but the prospect of returning to such a situation in the autumn can cause severe anxiety.