Words and phrases

アイヌ Ainu

民族 (みんぞく) ethnic group

文化 (ぶんか) culture

発信 (はっしん) transmission, dissemination

継承 (けいしょう) inheritance, succession

国民 (こくみん) nation’s people, the public

理解 (りかい) understanding

促進 (そくしん) promotion

拠点 (きょてん) hub

〜として as ~

北海道 (ほっかいどう) Hokkaido

白老町 (しらおいちょう) Shiraoi town

ポロト Poroto

湖畔 (こはん) edge of a lake, lakeside

整備(せいび)する to put in place, to establish

施設 (しせつ) facility

民族共生象徴空間 (みんぞくきょうせいしょうちょうくうかん) National Ainu Museum and Park

ウポポイ Upopoy (an Ainu-language phrase that means “singing together in a large group”)

12日 the 12th

開業(かいぎょう)する to open a business/practice

先住民族 (せんじゅうみんぞく) indigenous people

〜をテーマとする on the theme of ~

初(はじ)めての the first

国立 (こくりつ) national

政府 (せいふ) government

観光 (かんこう) tourism

地域振興 (ちいきしんこう) regional development/promotion

けん引役(いんやく) driving force

期待(きたい)する to expect, to anticipate

年間来場者 (ねんかんらいじょうしゃ) annual visitors

100万人 (ひゃくまんにん) 1 million people

目指(めざ)す to aim for

〜としている to mention that ~

当初 (とうしょ) at first

4月 (しがつ) April

24日 (にじゅうよっか) the 24th

予定 (よてい) plan

新型(しんがた)コロナウイルス novel coronavirus

感染拡大 (かんせんかくだい) spread of infection

影響 (えいきょう) effect, influence

2度 (にど) twice

延期(えんき)する to postpone

〜後(ご) after ~

防止 (ぼうし) prevention

入場 (にゅうじょう) entrance, admission

事前 (じぜん) beforehand

予約制 (よやくせい) reservation system

平日 (へいじつ) weekday

1日 (いちにち) a day

2000人 (にせんにん) 2,000 people

土日祝日 (どにちしゅくじつ) weekends and national holidays

2500人 (にせんごひゃくにん) 2,500 people

〜程度 (ていど) approximately ~

制限(せいげん)する to limit

主(おも)な main

国立アイヌ民族博物館 (こくりつあいぬみんぞくはくぶつかん) National Ainu Museum

国立民族共生公園 (こくりつみんぞくきょうせいこうえん) National Ainu Park

慰霊施設 (いれいしせつ) memorial facilities

Quick questions

1) ウポポイのテーマは何ですか?

2) アイヌ民族の文化の発信と継承、国民理解促進に加え、政府は何を期待していますか?

3) 主にどのような施設がありますか?


The National Ainu Museum and Park (Upopoy) opened on the 12th, an Ainu cultural facility that was established on the shore of Lake Poroto in the town of Shiraoi, Hokkaido, and as a hub will promote national understanding and the dissemination and succession of the culture of the Ainu people. It is the first national facility with a theme of "indigenous people." The government expects it to be a driving force for tourism and regional development, mentioning an aim of 1 million annual visitors.

At first the plan was to open on April 24 but this was postponed two times due to the effect of the spread of infection of the novel coronavirus. In order to prevent infection after the opening, there will be a system of reserving beforehand, as well as a limit of approximately 2,000 people a day on weekdays and 2,500 people a day for weekends and national holidays.

The main facilities will be the National Ainu Museum, the National Ainu Park and memorial facilities.


1) What is the theme of Upopoy?


Indigenous Ainu peoples.

2) What are the government’s expectations, in addition to the Ainu culture's dissemination and succession, and promoting public understanding?


To become a driving force for tourism and regional development.

3) What are the main facilities?


The National Ainu Museum, the National Ainu Park and memorial facilities.

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