個々の社員の計測結果を基に職場全体の活性度を「ハピネス度」として数値化して、職場間で比較できるようにした。AIが画面上で気軽な会話を呼び掛けるなどして、同僚との意思疎通を支援する。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

日立製作所 (ひたちせいさくしょ) Hitachi, Ltd.

29日 (にじゅうくにち) the 29th

スマートフォン、スマホ smartphone

身(み)に着(つ)ける to wear, to put on

使(つか)う to use

ウエアラブル端末(たんまつ) wearable terminal/device

社員 (しゃいん) employee

活動 (かつどう) activity

状況 (じょうきょう) situation

幸福感 (こうふくかん) a feeling of happiness

計測(けいそく)する to measure

会社組織 (かいしゃそしき) company organization

活性化 (かっせいか) revitalization

つなげる to tie to, to connect

技術 (ぎじゅつ) technology

事業化(じぎょうか)する to commercialize

発表(はっぴょう)する to announce

7月 (しちがつ) July

20日 (はつか) the 20th

新会社 (しんがいしゃ) new company

ハピネスプラネット Happiness Planet

東京 (とうきょう) Tokyo

設立(せつりつ)する to establish

など and others

加速度 (かそくど) acceleration

センサー sensor

体 (からだ) body

揺(ゆ)れ tremor, motion

測定(そくてい)する to measure

同時(どうじ)に at the same time

1日 (いちにち) a day

各時間 (かくじかん) each hour

心理状況 (しんりじょうきょう) psychological state

アンケートする to conduct a survey

相関関係 (そうかんかんけい) correlation

導(みちび)き出(だ)す to draw on, to elicit

専用 (せんよう) exclusive use, single purpose

アプリ app, application

開発(かいはつ)する to develop

個々(ここ)の individual

計測結果 (けいそくけっか) measuring result

〜を基(もと)に based on ~

職場 (しょくば) workplace

全体 (ぜんたい) whole, entire

活性度 (かっせいど) degree of lively activity

ハピネス度 (ど) happiness level

数値化(すうちか)する to quantify, to digitize

〜間(かん)で between ~

比較(ひかく)する to compare

画面上(がめんじょう)で on screen

気軽(きがる)な lighthearted, casual

会話 (かいわ) conversation

呼(よ)び掛(か)ける to call on

同僚 (どうりょう) coworker

意思疎通 (いしそつう) communication, understanding each other

支援(しえん)する to render assistance, to support

Quick questions

1) この技術はどのように幸福感を計測するのですか?

2) 個々の社員の計測結果を基に何ができますか?

3) AIはどのように社員間の意思疎通を支援するのですか?


Hitachi, Ltd. announced on June 29 that it will commercialize technology using smartphones and “wearable devices” that you put on and use to revitalize company organizations by measuring their employees’ feeling of happiness based on their active states. The firm will establish a new company, “Happiness Planet” (in Tokyo) on July 20.

To develop the special application, the firm measured the users’ body tremors with the acceleration sensor on smartphones and other devices, and at the same time conducted surveys on their state of mind at each hour of the day to determine the correlation between their physical motion and happiness.

Based on the measurement results of individual employees, the degree of lively activity of the entire workplace is quantified as “happiness levels,” which can be compared between workplaces. AI helps employees communicate with coworkers by, for example, calling on them on the screen to have casual conversations with each other.


1) How does Hitachi’s technology measure feelings of happiness?


It measures physical motion using smartphones and wearable devices.

2) What can be done with the measurement results of individual employees?


The degree of lively activity of the entire workplace is quantified as “happiness levels,” which can be compared between workplaces.

3) How does AI help employees communicate with each other?


By calling on them on the screen, for example, to have casual conversations with each other.

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