Summer 2020 is shaping up to be more of a disappointment than anyone expected. But there are still small steps you can take to have some safe warmer-weather fun.

On May 20, in collaboration with sweets maker Morinaga, McDonald's Japan released a new ramune-flavored McShake. The drink (¥120 for a small, ¥200 for a medium) is available for a limited time at the temporarily-take-out-only (at least in Kanto) chain, and is a creamy take on the candy version of the citrusy soda.

This creation brings to mind another McDonald's spring staple, the Shamrock Shake — complete with a subtle mint taste. And while this twist on the original ramune soda isn’t completely authentic, it is refreshing. A somewhat fitting flavor for a season that's going to feel familiar, but be just off.