空手やボクシングの練習ができるサンドバッグや、格闘技用ミットの人気が高く、担当者は「ストレス解消のためにパンチやキックをしたい人が多いのでは」と話している。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

新型(しんがた)コロナウイルス novel coronavirus

感染拡大 (かんせんかくだい) spread of infection

~の影響(えいきょう)で owing to~, as a consequence of~

外出(がいしゅつ)する to leave one’s home

~しなくても without doing~

自宅 (じたく) one’s own home

運動(うんどう)できる to be able to exercise

ダンベル dumbbell

サンドバッグ punching bag [lit., sandbag]

など and others

健康器具 (けんこうきぐ) fitness equipment

販売 (はんばい) sales

好調 (こうちょう) well, strong

感染防止 (かんせんぼうし) prevention of infection

~のため for the purposes of~

スポーツジム sports gym

休業 (きゅうぎょう) suspension of business

在宅勤務 (ざいたくきんむ) working from home

動(うご)き movement

広(ひろ)がる to spread, grow

インターネット internet

~上(じょう)では on~, according to~

運動不足 (うんどうぶそく) lack of exercise

~による due to~

体重増加 (たいじゅうぞうか) weight gain

~を訴(うった)える to express concerns about ~

声 (こえ) voice [used here to mean viewpoint]

~が多(おお)い there are many~

気軽(きがる)に readily, easily

汗(あせ)を流(なが)す to work up a sweat by exercising (literally, “to let sweat flow”)

~したい to want to do~

人 (ひと) people

需要 (じゅよう) demand

取(と)り込(こ)む to incorporate, to adopt

空手 (からて) karate

ボクシング boxing

練習 (れんしゅう) training, practice

~ができる to make it possible to

格闘技用 (かくとうぎよう) for use in martial arts

ミット mitt

人気(にんき)が高(たか)い popular

担当者 (たんとうしゃ) representative

ストレス解消(かいしょう) stress release

パンチ punch

キック kick

話(はな)す to say

Quick questions

1) 健康器具の販売が好調な理由は何ですか?

2) インターネット上ではどんな声が多いですか?

3) サンドバッグやミットの人気が高い理由は何だと考えられていますか?


Sales of fitness equipment that enable you to exercise without leaving your own home, such as dumbbells and punching bags have been strong owing to the spread of the novel coronavirus. This is because gyms have suspended business to prevent infection and the movement to work from home has been spreading. On the internet many have expressed concern about their lack of exercise and weight gain, and so the demands of those who want to work up a sweat at home are easily being met.

Sandbags that make the practice of karate and boxing possible, and mitts for use in hand-to-hand martial arts are very popular. “There are many people who want to kick and punch in order to reduce stress,” said a representative.


1) What is the reason for the brisk sales in fitness equipment?


The growing movement to combat the spread of the virus, including closures of gyms and people working from home.

2) On the internet, what kinds of views pervade?


Voices expressing concern over weight gain from a lack of exercise.

3) What is thought to be the reason behind the popularity of punching bags and mitts?


It is thought that many people want to punch and kick in order to reduce stress.

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