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足りない言語を複数回答で尋ねたところ、ベトナム語が最多で32。次いでフィリピン語 (タガログ語) 13、ネパール語12だった。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

大規模災害 (だいきぼさいがい) large-scale disaster

発生(はっせい)する to occur

~ の際(さい)に in the event of ~

外国人 (がいこくじん) non-Japanese person

対応(たいおう)する to deal with, to support, to help with

通訳 (つうやく) interpretation, interpreter

翻訳 (ほんやく) translation (翻訳者 [ほんやくしゃ] translator)

ボランティア volunteer

~ が不足(ふそく)する to be short of ~ 感(かん)じる to feel

都道府県 (とどうふけん) all prefectures in Japan

約 (やく) about

7割 (ななわり) 70 percent

~ に上 (のぼ) る totaling ~ 8日 (ようか) the 8th

共同通信 (きょうどうつうしん) Kyodo News

アンケート survey, questionnaire

分(わ)かる to reveal

特(とく)に in particular

技能実習生 (ぎのうじっしゅうせい) technical intern

急増 (きゅうぞう) surge

~ に伴 (ともな) う be associated with ~ ベトナム語(ご) Vietnamese

不足 (ふそく) shortage

懸念(けねん)する to be concerned

登録人数 (とうろくにんずう) number of registered people

十分 (じゅうぶん) sufficient

答(こた)える to respond, to answer

~ はない there is no ~ おおむね more or less, nearly

千葉 (ちば) Chiba

など and others

8県 (はっけん) eight prefectures

やや rather, slightly

兵庫 (ひょうご) Hyogo

府県 (ふけん) the prefectures as well as Osaka (大阪府) and/or Kyoto (京都府)

高知 (こうち) Kochi

道府県 (どうふけん) the prefectures including Hokkaido (北海道), as well as Osaka and/or Kyoto

足(た)りない insufficient

言語 (げんご) language

複数回答 (ふくすうかいとう) multiple answer

尋(たず)ねる to ask

最多 (さいた) most, top

次(つ)いで in the second place

フィリピン語(ご) Filipino

タガログ語(ご) Tagalog

ネパール語(ご) Nepalese

Quick questions

1) 災害時の通訳・翻訳ボランティア不足を感じている都道府県は全体の何割ですか ? 2) ベトナム語のボランティアが不足している理由は何ですか ? 3) 最も不足が懸念されている言語はどの 3 つですか ? Translation

About 70 percent of Japan’s prefectural governments are concerned about a shortage of volunteer interpreters and translators to support non-Japanese speakers during times of disaster, a survey by Kyodo News showed March 8. In particular, there are concerns about the lack of support in Vietnamese as Japan sees a sharp rise in the number of foreign technical intern [trainees] from Southeast Asian countries. Out of 47 prefectural governments, none said the number of registered volunteer linguists was “sufficient.” Eight prefectures, including Chiba, responded “nearly sufficient.” Sixteen prefectures, including Hyogo, answered “slightly insufficient” and 17 prefectures, including Kochi, said “insufficient.”

When asked with multiple answers allowed about the particular language support in need, Vietnamese topped the list with 32 answers, followed by Filipino (Tagalog) at 13, and Nepalese at 12.


1) What percentage of prefectures expressed a shortage of volunteer interpreters and translators during times of disaster?


About 70%.

2) What is a reason for the shortage of volunteer linguists in Vietnamese?


The number of Vietnamese technical interns are increasing rapidly in Japan.

3) Which three languages are most in need of volunteer linguists?


Vietnamese, Tagalog and Nepalese.

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