1. What first got you interested in fitness as a profession? DT: I started dancing and doing cheer in junior high school and continued on through high school and college. I was actually cheer captain, and I enjoyed leading practices and organizing groups. I continued this passion in teaching dance and running several dance teams throughout my life. I always loved the warmup, stretching, technique and conditioning exercises in dance class, and I enjoy doing repetitive movements and perfecting them. Naturally, I gravitated toward teaching yoga and fitness. When I was younger, I was not good at sports and thought I was unathletic, but I realized that I could still strengthen my body doing other fitness activities. When I took a break from any sort of workout, I felt a loss of energy and also wasn’t as happy. Teaching fitness is a great way to always workout and be conscious of my health because I have to practice what I preach. MK: I always liked training and fitness when I was younger, but I started getting more interested in it when I was in my mid-20s. My wife pushed me in the direction of turning it into a profession.

2. How did you meet? DT: I’m friends with Mitch’s wife, who is a professional belly dancer — one of the best in Tokyo in my opinion. He was looking for a partner to do group training and approached me because he knew I taught yoga.

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