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KitKat kicks it up a notch with its Valentine's-limited Cacao Fruit Dessert

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Not to add to anyone’s to-do list, but Valentine’s Day is only a couple weeks away.

It’s time to start thinking about gifts, and one of the most venerable chocolates in Japan has a solution for those of you who are still trying to come up with a sweet (pun intended) present.

People all over the world have celebrated the sheer variety of Nestle Japan’s KitKats, and now it’s rolled out a cacao fruit-flavored chocolate. This dessert (¥432 after tax) offers a sweet and slightly zesty take on the familiar candy bar.

For a more enhanced experience, head to the KitKat Chocolatory in Ginza for the Cacao Fruit Dessert. This hefty creation (¥3,000 before tax) is limited to 10 a day, and is only available from Jan. 23 through Feb. 14. The 20-centimeter-long chocolate shell shaped like a cacao pod is filled with fresh cream made with cacao fruit juice, fresh fruit and a chocolate-almond cake. Once you’ve eaten the inside, a warm cacao fruit juice is used to melt the shell and make a rice chocolate “sauce.” Excessive, sure, but memorable.

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