Convenience store desserts often force consumers to choose between sweet and tart. Chocolate and fruit-flavored offerings dominate at this time of year, and we've got highlights from both sides for those unsure of which direction to head.

FamilyMart has fans of fruit flavors covered with its new Melon Gelato Frappe. This chilled beverage (¥320 after tax) captures the seasonally appropriate taste of cantaloupe. The addition of frothed milk to create a gelato-like consistency really elevates the product, adding layers to each cup. Plus, it works wonders in the heat.

Those craving some chocolate-based sweetness should head over to Ministop to give its new Belgian Chocolate Pudding Parfait a go. This intricate dessert (¥386 after tax) offers everything laid out in the title, plus a nice dusting of assorted nuts on top.

As the name implies, this one packs a sugary rush in almost every bite. If that's your preference, though, brave the summer heat for this limited-time creation.