Sometimes you have to stop and applaud a convenience store chain's latest batch of products. Seven-Eleven has been on a hot streak recently, and a trio of new summer sweets keeps its momentum going.

The most seasonally appropriate arrival is its watermelon ice bar. This frozen creation (¥138 after tax) uses real juice from the round fruit to create a dessert that carries an authentic watermelon taste in ice form.

Seven-Eleven also debuted a double cheesecake packed into a plastic cup. Each serving (¥300 after tax) features three layers: one each of crumbled cookies, rare cheese and lemon. It's a bit much, but hits the indulgence spot nicely.

The chain's most eye-catching item at the moment is a tapioca milk tea jelly (¥259 after tax). While it doesn't come close to matching a top-notch liquid version, the flavor is pretty accurate and actually tasty. The pearls feel a bit superfluous, but they don't take anything away from this refreshing sweet. That Seven-Eleven could turn a trend item into something worthwhile is another win.