The latest Lawson's collaboration sees the company getting a touch more ritzy. The convenience-store chain has hooked up with chocolate maker Godiva to create a limited-edition set of sweets that can be found at stores across the country and have so far generated a lot of buzz online.

The most straightforward of the bunch is the chocolate mille-feuille (¥350 after tax). It's sweet chocolate through and through; even the little square logo on top delivers a rush of the sugary stuff. It's good, but a little one-note.

Better — especially as the temperatures drop — is the hot chocolate (¥380 after tax). It's warm and milky, which helps to balance out the chocolate elements.

The highlight, though, is the chocolate fondant (¥350 after tax). This one requires a little extra work from the customer — you need to warm it up in a microwave to achieve maximum gooeyness. Cut into its exterior and a chocolate sauce comes pouring out. It's tasty and just the right amount of sweet, and also feels fancier than Lawson's other offerings.