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Shiseido's 'Higashi wo Dori Parfait' is a cornucopia of fruit and flavor

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Shiseido might not be a name one associates with sweets. But head to the cosmetics company’s Ginza parlor and you’ll find Salon De Cafe, their gourmet dessert shop.

Their current special menu runs until May 27, and highlights two limited-run creations optimal for the warmer weather. First up is the Higashi wo Dori Parfait (¥1,980), which mixes ice cream, sorbet, fruit and green tea from Shizuoka Prefecture into one flavorful dessert. Simpler yet still tasty is an Ice Cream Soda (¥1,130) featuring a scoop of vanilla ice cream dropped into a fruity, blue soda.

It’s Ginza, so you may as well cough up the extra yen for the parfait. There is a lot going on in this one glass, and the individual elements each shine in their own, distinct way.

Of particular note is the fruit, especially the parfait’s juicy strawberries, and the accompanying green tea. So many flavors could result in a jarring experience, but this dessert balances everything — the inclusion of crispy rice crackers even adds some depth to the texture.

It’s a tasty treat to close out May and welcome in the summer.

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