Instagram-friendly food has made it to the final frontier — convenience stores. Plenty of konbini offerings in the last couple of years have looked good enough to share on social media, but Family Mart appears to be the first to sell something explicitly designed for the selfie-loving set.

The chain recently started selling a pair of colorful frappe drinks designed for the "likes." The Galactica Grape and Fantasy Peach frappes catch attention even in their frozen state, merging various bright colors together to create a Technicolor treat. Customers make the beverage (¥290) at the same Family Mart machine used for coffee, and then they can snap photos of it to share on Instagram. There's a Family Mart supported hashtag and frappe stickers from photo app Snow to go with it.

It looks good, but how about the taste? I chose the Galactica Grape flavor that, besides the titular berry, boasts an orange flavor with a lemon sauce. The grape and orange stand out and make for a nice mix that would probably work wonders on a hot day (alas, it was raining the night I tried it), but all the lemon sauce goes straight to the bottom, not mixing unless you really stir it up.

This means a strong sour taste hits late and kind of ruins the last third of the drink. But hey, you'll already have the snaps up online by then, right?