Keep your ears open for BoCo

Bone-conduction earphones, a relatively new development in personal tech that allows users to listen to devices without blasting the eardrums, is finally being made small enough to be worn like earbuds. Up until now, virtually all bone-conduction earphones have been headsets designed to sit at the temples. BoCo's Earsopen, however, clip to the earlobes, making them more discreet while still keeping the ear canals clear to pick up outside noise.

Originally a crowdfunding project, Earsopen is now available at major electronics retailers for just under ¥11,000. BoCo explain that their cylindrical vibrators produce a high-quality listening experience and that their compact size makes them ideal for active people who need to be aware of their surroundings. Since users aren't using their eardrums to listen, they can also help prevent damage to ears and are useful for the hearing impaired.