Japanese KitKats are famous — or perhaps infamous — for their varied and sometimes peculiar flavors, including green tea, sake and wasabi. But now Nestle Japan Ltd. has released arguably its strangest concoction yet: sushi.

A new KitKat Chocolatory opened in Ginza on Thursday and with it unleashed candy bars inspired by tuna, sea urchin and egg sushi. While the concept may sound unappetizing to some, Nestle Japan said it was using more traditional candy flavors to simply recreate the look of sushi, not its taste.

The tuna KitKat, for example, uses white chocolate for the rice and a raspberry-flavored candy bar to represent the fish.

The uni (sea urchin) piece substitutes the seaweed roll with Hokkaido melon flavor and is topped with chocolate infused with mascarpone cream cheese, the same kind that is used in tiramisu. Finally, the egg sushi will taste like pumpkin pudding, and the company promises its flavor will be "as gentle as tamagoyaki (rolled omelet)."

If sushi KitKats sound like a joke, that's because at one point they were. The company released a mock photo of sushi KitKats on social media last year for April Fools' Day, but after a huge response from the public, Nestle Japan decided to get serious and make it a reality.

The Ginza outlet is Nestle Japan's fourth KitKat store in Tokyo after opening shops in Ikebukuro, Marunouchi and Shinjuku. Since the Ginza district is well known for its high-end sushi restaurants, Nestle Japan hopes its newest treats will be a perfect and delicious match.