Give a welcome smooch to Tokyo’s newest natural-chocolate shop


Special To The Japan Times

Danish brand Summerbird Organic, which recently opened a new store in Aoyama (5-5-20 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku), makes 100 percent natural chocolate that it claims is at the same level of culinary excellence as Champagne or oysters.

Its signature dessert, the Cream Kiss (¥600), comes in classic or strawberry. But the strawberry’s pleasant fruity aftertaste makes it the superior option. The Cream Kiss is ideal if you want to experience the richness of Summerbird’s natural chocolate.

  • At Times Mistaken

    They’re sort of pricey but I wonder if the photo depicts the actual size of these delectables? And oysters are great but they just don’t go great with chocolate imho, even for the sake of comparison.