I live in Chicago these days, which isn't exactly ideal for a student of the Japanese language. I have to make my own immersion, whenever I can, wherever I can, whether it's reading a Japanese book or listening to a Japanese podcast.

I've come to think of these moments as a sort of 携帯 (keitai, portable) immersion, as it were. Keitai also happens to be a shortened form of 携帯電話 (keitai denwa, portable phone), and switching one of these into Japanese is an effective way to use 画面中毒 (gamen chūdoku, screen addiction) to your advantage and put language immersion in your pocket.

Whenever I pass my iPhone to a friend, it always results in gasps of surprise (and perhaps admiration?) at the Japanese. The first thing they see is スライドでロック解除 (Suraido de rokku kaijo, "Slide to unlock") on the lock screen, along with a picture of my cat, Butthead. (Don't ask; it's a long story.)