Veni, vidi — Vita!

While there have been reports that the PS Vita handheld may be struggling overseas, in Japan it is still going strong — and there’s been a steady stream of new Japanese-developed games to prove it, including “Tokyo Xanadu” from studio Nihon Falcom and “World Trigger Borderless Mission,” based on the popular manga and anime.

This month, Sony is releasing three new Vita colors: aqua blue, neon orange and glacier white, all retailing at the same price as other Vitas. Not only this, but there are plenty more Vita titles coming, such as the eagerly anticipated “Kantai Collection Kai,” a game that features anime girls based on World War II naval ships, and “Yoru no Nai Kuni,” a JRPG from Nagano-based studio Gust. Anyone who likes Japanese games and handheld consoles, should definitely reconsider the Vita.

The aqua blue, neon orange and glacier white PS Vitas are available now for ¥20,498.


Tripling the fun in ‘Legend of Zelda’

Nintendo’s newest “Legend of Zelda” game is one of its most unusual to date. “Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes” is a co-op (cooperative game) starring not one but three Link characters. Three players work together (via local wireless or online), each as a different Link, to solve puzzles and trawl through dungeons. The three Links can even be stacked on top of each other to form a totem pole to reach things up high.

Just a warning, though, the minute one of your trio of Links leaves the game, “Triforce Heroes” saves itself and boots the other two from play. If you’re playing alone, however, there is a single-player mode that uses two “dolls” for the other members.

Set in a fashion-obsessed kingdom, “Triforce Heroes” Links also have a choice of various costumes. But this isn’t a superficial dress-up party — each outfit offers unique abilities, including the samurai-style Spin Attack Attire, explosive Big Bomb Outfit and the iconic heart-giving Zelda dress.

Unlike some co-ops, “Triforce Heroes” doesn’t offer chat, just pre-written messages, such as “Over here,” “Throw” and “Noooo!” It’s a deliberately lacking feature aimed to allow beginners to discover more on their own, rather than have them rely on other players’ verbal walk-throughs.

“The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes” will be released on Oct. 22. Both download and retail versions are priced at ¥5,076.


The Pokemon mystery deepens

The latest “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon” game isn’t just another entry in the spin-off series, it’s a “super” one that features all 720 Pocket Monsters. Yes, “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon” includes both sets of the rare Legendary and Mythical Pokemons.

As in other “Mystery Dungeon” games, your Pokemon character and partner is selected for you, based on your answers to a series of questions at the start of the game. You then explore and map the in-game world, trawling through dungeons and battling others, while recruiting more Pokemon. During this 3DS adventure, though, Pokemon keep turning into stone, and it’s up to you and your buddy to figure out what’s going on before it’s too late.

The “Mystery Dungeon” series is a nice break from the main series with its adorable RPG-style and dungeon-crawling gameplay, so really, it’s no mystery why it has been winning over fans.

“Pokemon Super Dungeon” is available now for ¥5,076.

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