If you are worried that your dog isn't getting enough exercise or relaxation, here are a few places you can take the pooch for a run, dance, swim or even hot-spring soak.

Dog Petit Resort Joker, Tokyo (www.tsunayoshi.jp)

Housing hot springs, one of the largest swimming pools in Tokyo, a dog run and a trimming salon, this "resort" also offers your dog hydrotherapy, oxygen-capsule treatments and even hotel stays.

El Perro: Aqua Fitness for Dog, Tokyo (www.el-perro.jp)

Aqua fitness is a form of water exercise designed to ensure dogs move their entire bodies as they work out. It's especially recommended for overweight dogs and those suffering arthralgia.

Pooch, Chiba Pref. (en.pooch1.com/dogcamp.html)

Pooch offers not only schools and camps for dogs with behavioral problems, but also fitness and dieting programs based on thorough pet counseling.

Dog Gym Shake!, Osaka (www.doggym-shake.net)

Dogs like to dance! Or at least find out if yours does at Dog Gym Shake, which teaches dog dance moves and offers ball team sports.

Gran Dog Land, Hyogo Pref. (www.104942.jp)

Located inside Harima Chubu Kyuryo Prefectural Natural Park, this facility has a vast dog run and heated swimming pool, surrounded by clean, fresh air and beautiful natural landscapes.