Watch out for Nendo


Nendo’s latest work to catch the attention of this column is its Fusion collection — an entirely new series of furniture and houseware comprising 13 pieces for Danish furniture maker BoConcept.

As the name suggests, Fusion fuses different design elements together to allow pieces to alter their function and aesthetics. Based on origami and its ability to transform paper into a 3-D object, many of the designs feature folding motifs — from the patterns on the cups to the layered cushioning of the sofa and armchair.

Also new from Nendo and worth a mention is the Draftsman watch collection for its by|n brand (in collaboration with Seibu department store). Taking inspiration from drafting instruments, Scale is the first in the Draftsman series and it features the markings of a calibrated ruler on its face.

Scale is available in two sizes and in brown, black or white. You’ll find them being sold exclusively at Seibu, with prices ranging from ¥16,200 to ¥17,280.

An authentic paper-bag clutch

The paper-bag clutch — leather strapless bags designed to look like large, brown paper pages — has become quite a popular fashion item in the past few years, so it makes sense that SIWA, known for its collection of sturdy bags made from extra-strong paper, has finally launched a “real” version.

SIWA’s Clutch Bag is made from textured paper and has a snap at the top make sure it stays closed when in use. As with all SIWA products — a collaboration between paper maker Onao and designer Naoto Fukusawa — the bags are tough and water resistant. Available in either black or brown, the SIWA Clutch Bag series comes in three sizes, priced at ¥3,024, ¥3,780 and ¥4,104. All are available online from SIWA’s website.

SIWA: www.onao.co.jp/siwa

Sunny cups for summer

Suuun cups, designed by Shotaro Shibata will ensure that you serve your summer drinks in style.

Designed for the Gifu-based porcelain manufacturer Miyama, the Pair Tumblers and Rocks Glasses come in sets of two, with one in pure white and the other decorated with a geometric, red sun-motif pattern. The real beauty of these, however, is that due to Miyama’s skill and the high temperatures the vessels are fired, the cups are extra thin and light, yet still durable.

The Pair Tumbler set (250 cc), is priced at ¥3,780 and the Rocks Glass set (270cc) is ¥3,240. Both can be purchased online from Miyama’s webstore.

Miyama: www.miyama-web.co.jp

Paperclip tacks that have a point

One of the annoying things about tacking photos, pictures, and the like, to a wall is the fact that you have to make holes in the item you are pinning.

Yasunori Nagatsuka’s new Pinclip addresses this with a simple solution — merging a paperclip with the tack.

Designed for H Concept’s +d brand, the Pinclip is essentially a paperclip with a pointy end bent out of its center. Push the sharp end into the wall, then slide your document or photo into the paperclip. So simple, yet so useful.

The Pinclip goes on sale later this month, and a pack of three will cost ¥594 at H Concept’s webstore.

H Concept (+d): h-concept.jp/fs/hshop/c/pinclip