Scottish craft brewery BrewDog made its first foray into Asia with the opening of its own bar in Roppongi, Tokyo, on March 1. At a preopening event the night before, the company invited guests to try some of its most popular craft beers on tap.

Starting off as a two-man operation in 2007, BrewDog quickly went on to become the largest independent brewery in Scotland. The company is renowned for crazy stunts such as brewing beer on the bottom of the ocean and, more recently, releasing a protest brew with a Warhol-esque label depicting Vladimir Putin wearing makeup slapped on the bottle (with half the proceeds going to charity).

BrewDog also continues to break records for creating the world's strongest beers. Its first such achievement, Tokyo*, was a whopping 18.2 percent alcoholic beer that was banned from public sale in Britain by regulatory body Portman Group. BrewDog has since come up with other deadly creations, such as a 55-percent beer called The End of History that is packaged in stuffed animals.