Rib steak, bangers and mash, lamb chops, simmered tripe: At Butcher Brothers, meat is much more than just an option; it's the main event, the reason you're there. And with a name like that, what else would you expect?

Vegetarians avert your eyes. Not just because of what's on the menu, but because the atmosphere at this busy, bustling diner effortlessly invites you inside. Warm light streams through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Flames flicker from the open kitchen. And, as you open the door, the sound of merriment wafts out into the street along with the aromas.

We have no shortage of meat-specialist restaurants in Tokyo, ranging from Korean barbecue to high-end steakhouses. Very few offer the buzz and enjoyment factor that you find at Butcher Brothers. Even fewer make the carnivorous life so affordable.