Finally, 'The Last of Us' is here

One of this year's most eagerly anticipated titles, "The Last of Us" is set in a near-future post-apocalypse that's crawling with zombies. It is around 2030, decades after a fungi outbreak has ravaged America, infecting people and turning them into horrific killers. The game's plot follows a single father and his daughter trying to stay alive — though, other survivors are just as dangerous as the infected!

"The Last of Us" has been hailed as video-game version of Cormac McCarthy's novel "The Road," with the game's story and dialogue receiving high praise and having a cast of memorable, endearing characters. But this isn't just a good yarn. Gameplay is engaging and brutal. Players not only have to sneak around and conserve scarce ammo, but they must also construct new weapons from things they find, whether that's a shiv or a Molotov cocktail. All this just to survive.