Food, flowers and tranquility: Eatrip is not just a restaurant, it's an unlikely oasis in the busy shopping district of Harajuku. Call it a Garden of Eating.

Turning off a side street, up a short flight of steps and through a narrow gap between two nondescript houses, you find a mossy, stone-paved path leading through lush shrubbery to a low-slung, free-standing house. Open the door on the weathered wooden porch and you have arrived. It's not a long journey but it certainly is a trip.

The interior is comfortably homespun, with simple, rustic accents, exposed ceiling timbers and an assortment of secondhand tables and chairs. There's a short counter on one side looking into the small open kitchen. The dining room itself is split into two, with a dozen seats in the main section and half as many further back.