Here's a scenario few restaurants would dare to dream of: All tables fully booked a month ahead, all year round; lines outside an hour before opening time; a prompt turnover of satisfied customers, with as many as three rotations per evening. And a bulging bottom line.

It sounds almost as unbelievable on the other side of the counter. Gourmet cuisine, prepared to order by chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants, featuring premium ingredients such as lobster, foie gras, duck or wagyū beef — all for a target price (for the food) of ¥3,000 per head.

There must be a catch. Indeed there is, though it's one nobody's complaining about: You have to eat standing up. And no matter how good the food, you dine and then leave, rather than lingering for a leisurely feast. Welcome to the alternative dining world of the Value Create group of restaurants.